Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You have a baby @ the bar?

Getting ready to shove off with our rented pontoon boat for the day, we inquired the owner of a good place to dock and get some grub. Spotting litte dirt dawg and knowing his little sister we would be picking up, the owner said "Pinehurst Inn, but it can get pretty rough".

After a day of fun, we docked @ the Pinehurst Inn, who looked like it had seen better days, but certainly looked like a dive. And we love a dive, a place where the locals hang out, you can get frosted mugs, a damm good pizza and where your checks is on a torn piece of notebook paper and they don't take credit cards.

Little dirt dawg even managed to make friends with a couple of locals who let him watch them play pool after which they commented what a nice family we had even with a baby @ the bar.

So after you done with the The Cross in the Woods, head over to the Pinehurst Inn for a real taste of the town.

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Brian Thomas said...

Okay, I was not a fan of the movie, but my wife and I use that line all the time when we see babies in bars. Local places are the way to go.