Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hamster on a wheel....

In the past, I have thought that anyone that has run on a treadmill looked like a hamster on a wheel. Why not enjoy the fresh air, scenery and challenge yourself against Mother Nature? That was before I had kids and came to the realization that a treadmill does have a few purpose.

Purpose #1: It can simulate hills if you by none. This is the midwest we are talking about. They name ski resorts Mt. Whatever which is on top of a landfill

Purpose #2: It can simulate speed for when you can't get to the track and have no motivation to run fast. Either keep up or get shot off the back.

Purpose #3: It is the only time I can watch all the free downloads that I get off of Itunes.

7 Days until the


RUN - 29.31 miles/ 373.09 miles

Dog: 13.52 miles/ 90.02 miles

Son in jogger: 5.07 miles/ 10.03 miles

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Never do on a long run...

Two weeks to go before the first marathon of the year and there i was on St. Patrick's Day, sober, out for a 20 miler. Had the requisite backpack filled with Drink (Perpetuem) and Food (Hammer Gel), wallet, and phone (to be used in case of emergency by the wife in case there was trouble with the litter).

Things are going well, until 4 miles and the phone rings.

ME: Hello (in back of mind: This had better be something good!)

Wife: My grandma and grandpa can't get the TV to work.

ME: Push auxillary and then power (in back of mind: are you f..... kidding me?)

Wife: Ok..hold on...(15 sec pass) that isn't working..are you sure that is what you are supposed to do?

ME: I will have to look at it when i get there (in back of mind: not suitable to print)...CLOSE PHONE....

Rest of run is uneventful, but maybe we have to develop some sort of code for what really is important like:

ME: Hello

Wife: 911....


RUN - 52.18 miles/343.78 miles

Dog: 10.09 miles/ 76.50 miles

Son in jogger: 4.96 miles/ 4.96 miles

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Running Partners

Although I may run with the likes of Twinkle Toes and Einstein on our weekly Fun Run series at work, I have to say that my best running partners lie in my 4 legged friend and my son who is all about the "race"

My 6 year old border collie mix "Meet your best friend at the zoo" is as good as a motivator as one can get. In any weather, he is ready to go with the sniff of you donning a running watch or article of clothing. Never complains about distance or speed as long as he is free to stop and mark territory every so often. Good for 300-500 miles per year.

With a dash of early spring bestowed on us, my son and I have ventured out for a Few runs the past couple of days. Gone are the days when i would have to prop him up with blankets so he would be big enough for the straps to securely cover him and we would take off with him asleep by mile 2. Now, we must race to the end of the block, which he is 2-0, and then run our loop, only to finish the race at the top of the block to home. We must talk about the day and can we stop at the park to play and if someone goes by on a bike is it timmy? The miles just fly by....

Sunday, March 11, 2007

1/2 the man.....

My daughter (she apparently said enough if enough and was born the day after the last post)is asleep in her aquarium bouncy while my son is playing a Thomas the Train memory game. Gone by the wayside, at least for the moment are 6 a.m. departures for long runs on the weekend in favor of ginormous pots of coffee and intermittent sleep.

So my daughter is born and within 3 weeks i am sitting in the waiting room of a urloligist with a bunch of old people with a littany of issues (leaking, incontinence, etc) while i wait to talk to him about "sterilization". Yup, two and theory is that the children can not outnumber the parents and at least you can play man to man defense on them.

Consult goes something like this, DR: "How many kids do you have?" ME:"2, a boy and a girl" DR: "Pefect, well the surgery takes about 20 minutes, you can drive yourself, return to normal activities in a day or two, and schedule whenever. See you soon."

So with my head down and tail between my legs, i go up to the receptionist. Backgroud: It is tuesday, and i have the rest of the week off for mid-winter break. Receptionist: "How about Thursday at 8 a.m.?"
ME: "You mean this thursday?"
Receptionist: "Yes. You will be the first one of the day."
ME: "okay, i guess"

Forward to Thursday:
Eating my last meal as a virile and potent i drive myself to the doc's. He is waiting eagerly and ushers me into a normal patient room. During the "turning me into a blank shooting guy" process we talk about running and what are the odds of ever producing another. Says as long as I come back, guess about 50% of guys never come back and say whatever happens, happens, and get my 2 "clear" samples then i should be good to go. Damm right, i am coming back....i want to medically known as "shooting blanks" chance for another.

20 minutes later, he says "we'll see you in 8 weeks. Go home and rest". No bags of peas needed, just copious amounts of tylenol and nagging "knee to the balls" ache for a few days.

Now all i need to do is have my samples pass, and find a double baby jogger...Whatever happened to the early morning, still kind of hungover, long runs where a guarenteed nap awaited me...LIFE