Monday, January 22, 2007

Endless Waiting.......

The due date for the arrival of my daughter has come and gone. For over a week now we have clung to the ob's thought that "you might go tonight or even tomorrow". I wish I could get paid to be that wrong! My wife officially served eviction papers the weekend before, but apparently my yet to be born daughter thinks it was a joke. "I'm fine, think i will stay a bit longer" seems to be her response.

So we walked the "fancy mall" one day, walked the "used to be fancy mall now relegated to middle class mall" the next day and yet nothing. Could it be that the endless waiting will produce no result? Does my daughter have a sixth sense? Stay tuned...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

This is winter???

Ok, it was 48 degrees with a windchill of 42 degrees for our weekly fun run! 42 degrees, it is Michigan for pete's sake, and I ran in shorts. We should be talking about 20 degrees with a wind chill of like 10 or something like that.

Last night at yoga class i was talking to the female instructor about the private lesson that my wife got me for christmas. My wife in all her thoughtfulness got it for me so that i could bolster my home practice, but i am like scared of the owner of the joint. Scared in a good way. Pushes you outside of your comfort zone. I secretly hoped that the female instructor would be able to do the private lesson, but she said she did not and that i should just email him. When I said i was scared, she said, "I am scared for you!"

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Lowdown

Parent, runner, occasional cyclist, and amateur yogi who works with special needs kids. I have a son who is named after the most tested man in professional sports and am about to round out the typical american family with a girl. Organize a weekly fun run at work where participants such as Twinkle Toes, Einstein, and Abstract participate. Ran 4 marathons and 1 50k last year....looking to hit that 50 miler this year, finally finish a strong group ride and learn how to be a pretzel in yoga.