Thursday, September 09, 2010

How Do You Learn?

As my summer came to a close this year, I rounded out my reading with the Training of the Zen Buddhist Monk. While an excellent read on the trial and tribulations that one must undergo to become a Zen Buddhist Monk, the statement that stuck with me the most was this:
"For this is the only way to study Zen. Nothing can ever really be learned until it works through the nerves and muscles. "
Running for me has proven to be my learning ground. More than hours spent in the universities and libraries earning a degree to obtain a job, it is out on the roads where I have learned the most. Don't get me wrong, I love listening to lectures, working in groups, reading, writing, etc. Sitting is not the way in which I learn.
However, I have learned more about my limits, my passions, my desires, my wants and needs when everything else is just stripped away and it is me and the road ahead. It is in motion, that my mind and body can catch up at the same speed and can work through the internal chatter of my mind, listen to body, and make sense of the world around me. It is in motion, that those thoughts, opinions, etc can work through the entire body rather than just through my head.
How is it that you learn best?