Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still Tread

On average, I get about 300-350 miles out a pair of shoes. Given that last year, I ran just over 2,400 miles, that means I have several pairs of shoes laying around that although have carried me swiftly and safely over roads and trails, are no longer serviceable to me. I usually keep one pair to kick around in, and sometimes send some to my local church, but this time the tubes of the internet have led me to The Shoe Shed.

From the website:

Runners Helping the Homeless with Their Old Running Shoes

Running shoes, unlike regular shoes, have a fairly limited shelf life if you run regularly. They’re good for about 300-400 miles. After that, support breaks down and the risk of injury goes up. So even if they look good on the outside, and have plenty of life left in them, they might not be okay for running any longer. The Shoe Shed takes your “mileage worn” running shoes and donates them to local homeless shelters throughout the United States giving thousands of people shoes-- your shoes.

Send Shoes To: Attention: Donate My Shoes 25333 Gosling Road Spring, TX 77389


Given the recent state of the economy, where a larger number of men, women, and children are experiencing job loss, poverty, hunger, and homelessness, it is but a drop in the bucket to help. So, check your running room, cave, area, closet, etc and see if you have pair of running shoes with some tread left in them and think of donating to The Shoe Shed or check your local running store for places they might donate too and help someone out.