Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Simpler Time

Do you remember when, the only thing that mattered in your life was
learning how to control your bodily functions? It was of such importance that others did a
dance when you were successful less than half of the time or gave you
candy to reinforce the behavior when it was a success. Such is the current state of Dirrty

Funny, in about 40 years if I am still around, the tables might be
turned and she will be asking me to do the same thing.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

DDRDP - Episode 2

I had so much fun doing the first podcast, that i couldn't wait to do another. Plus, it got me through my long run in this crappy, miserable, despicable,that is it, I am throwing in the towel winter weather!

Episode 2 of the DDRDP - Dirt Dawg Rambling Diatribe Podcast is now up. Join me as a I ramble on about my training plans for the next couple of months including races, a QTOW and both little dirt dawg and dirrty feather make an appearance.

Show Links:

Martian Marathon

Trail Marathon

Just Finish

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Virgin No More!

The first episode of the Dirt Dawg Rambling Diatribe Podcast is now available! Believe me, it is nothing special, but I got it done, and really am looking forward to doing more. If you listen and have some suggestions, please throw them my way. Good or bad, they will all be read, and hey, you just might make it on the show.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fumbling and Stumbling

My "Jesus" phone has been attached to me like Little Dirt Dawg's paci's were in his youth since I purchased it over a month ago. It has been my one and all. For better or worse, it has become an extension of what I did sitting on my rear end for hours on end in front of the the computer at home. I now can do all of that on the go.

Dreams of using this as my podcasting device have been met with hiccups and stumbles along the way. I spent the better part of a day at work going through the App Store before settling on an app called iprorecorder. Excited, I set out on an 8 mile run the next morning and recorded some audio, only to find out that 1. the file was over 100 mb and could not be sent via email and 2. that the apple headphone/mic picked up a lot of wind noise making the audio recorded useless. Thrice more, i have tried to record audio all the while playing with the settings and finally getting the wi-fi in my house to capture the files. What I have recorded I can say that I would not want to subject any of you to that steaming pile of poo. Sometimes, in all my excitement about a new endeavor, I tend to skip over the details and want to see RESULTS NOW!

I am not giving up on the idea of using my Jesus phone to podcast, but am going to have to maybe record inside and look for a mic to hook it up so I can record on the go. Patient, you have to be patient I tell Little Dirt Dawg and Dirrty Feather sometimes. I think I should follow that advice.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Even with a foam roller (which hurts like a beeyotch when you hit a knot), the stick and my on/again off again commitment to yoga, I still am pretty tight all over. Maybe the miles are starting to add up. Maybe I am not making more of a commitment to my cool down as I should. In any event, I was long overdue for a massage, and that is just what Dirrty Girl got me for V-Day and even better, scheduled it for today during my mid-winter break.

Massage will:
1. Break up scar tissue that may have built up in your muscles.
2. Improve blood flow to your muscles.
3. Loosen muscles that have contracted (shortened) with continued use.
4. Allow more oxygen to move into your muscles.
5. Improve the flow of lymphatic fluid, which aids in healing.
6. Reduce the chance of injury, through proper stretching, race preparation and through deep tissue massage.
7. Improve range of motion and muscle flexibility, resulting in improved power and performance.
8. Shorten recovery time between workouts.
9. Maximize the supply of nutrients and oxygen through increased blood flow.
10. Enhance elimination of lactic-acid build up (a by-product of exercise).

All of the above I have neglected for quite some time. One of the reasons was finding the time to make it out to Hansons Running Store in Lake Orion which was a bit of haul for me and the other was some apprehension in trying to find somebody local who knew athletes and more specifically runners.

Today, I was lucky enough to end up @ Essential Massage Therapy where Stacey listened to my particular areas of concern and then managed to work me over for the next 90 minutes. Although I was not surprised to feel her working the knots in my right hamstring and refer to it as "twingy", I was grimacing a bit when she began working on my quadriceps, an area where I have had no soreness or at least was unaware of. The one thing I have learned in getting massages is that you can use a foam roller, the stick, and do yoga, and think you have an understanding of your body, but until you have someone put there hands on you who understands the bio mechanics and techniques to loosen muscles, break up scar tissue, and improve blood flow, you don't know what you are missing that could pay huge dividends in your training.

Isn't it expensive? Sure, but think of it this way. On average, a massage costs as much as a new pair of running shoes. But if you are injured and can't run, then what good is a pair of shoes?

Although, I walked out of there feeling taller and looser then I have in months, it also provided me with some perspective that I should pay more attention to preventative maintenance if I want to keep running down the road.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Better than edible underwear

The way to Dirrty Girl's heart is not with edible underwear, chocolate, jewelry or flowers. All those things offer merely a fleeting or several moments of enjoyment. Nope, instead and not meant as a sign that "Honey, you need to get in shape", Dirrty Girl received a BOSU Balance Trainer for V-Day.Flipping through a recent issue of Runner's World, Dirrty Girl had said, " I think I want this, it might help me with my weak ankles." Cursed with weak ankles, Dirrty Girl can roll her ankle walking down the street. Furthermore, she is typical of a runner that just runs and doesn't stretch or do any core exercises. Hoping it will change with this piece of equipment.

Monday, February 09, 2009

A Podcaster?

I would say that 95% of my runs are by myself. Given my schedule and time constraints its just the way it is. Through this new social media of podcasting though, I have found myself listening to lots of running podcasts and feel that even though I don't get to physically get to run with these folks, it's like I have and in some small way feel like I am part of a club.

Lately, I have been kicking around the idea that maybe I too want to jump into this podcasting fray and give my own rambling diatribe but with a voice you can hear. You know, all three of you that comment. That is not to say that I will have anything new or interesting to say and it may in fact suck so bad no one will listen, but it might be worth a shot. So this is in no way an endorsement of me starting a podcast similar to everyone screaming "Kwame in 2013",
but I am just putting it out there. Let it sit out there, marinate awhile until I make a decision. Of course, I tend to say things like I am going to run a 50 miler, attempt to qualify for Boston, or run/walk (emphasis on WALK) a 100 miles and somehow I talk myself into them.

So if anyone has some good advice on recording gear, software and other things let me know. I will be running down the roads @ 4:30 in this morning practicing talking to myself.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pasty Whites

Covered by spandex and wind/rainproof shells since November, I
decided it was time to give my pasty white legs some much needed
warmth from the sun. The temps were hovering above 40 and I thought
that without some sun soon my legs might slip into the throws of S.A.D.

Meeting up with crackiln knee/five fingers Nate, we hit the trails for
a little over 3 miles of slippery,sloppy fun and he assures me it is
quite a pretty trail when the snow is gone.

Friday, February 06, 2009


Every so often at school, I have to change my password for security purposes. Today, I had to choose a new one. Without much thought my fingers pecked out b-u-r-n-I-n-g-r-I-v-e-r.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Why I am excited to run a 100 miler

As the thought of covering (mainly running but I know I will be walking a lot) a 100 miles gets tossed around my tiny little head, I have started to look at the benefits of it. Here is my top 5.

1. I have a perfectly good reason to run a lot more.

2. I get to do a lot of LSD. Long Slow Distance.

3. Less speedwork, more hills.

4. I have to learn to run at night. Early morning running is one thing after sleep, but doing a run after a day of work and play should be interesting.

5. Learning how to eat more on long runs than just gels. Potatoes, soup, pizza? Anyone know of a pizza joint in metro detroit that will deliver on the run?