Saturday, February 14, 2009

Better than edible underwear

The way to Dirrty Girl's heart is not with edible underwear, chocolate, jewelry or flowers. All those things offer merely a fleeting or several moments of enjoyment. Nope, instead and not meant as a sign that "Honey, you need to get in shape", Dirrty Girl received a BOSU Balance Trainer for V-Day.Flipping through a recent issue of Runner's World, Dirrty Girl had said, " I think I want this, it might help me with my weak ankles." Cursed with weak ankles, Dirrty Girl can roll her ankle walking down the street. Furthermore, she is typical of a runner that just runs and doesn't stretch or do any core exercises. Hoping it will change with this piece of equipment.

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Cheetah Girl said...

I love some Garth Brooks! Thanks for the songs!