Sunday, February 22, 2009

DDRDP - Episode 2

I had so much fun doing the first podcast, that i couldn't wait to do another. Plus, it got me through my long run in this crappy, miserable, despicable,that is it, I am throwing in the towel winter weather!

Episode 2 of the DDRDP - Dirt Dawg Rambling Diatribe Podcast is now up. Join me as a I ramble on about my training plans for the next couple of months including races, a QTOW and both little dirt dawg and dirrty feather make an appearance.

Show Links:

Martian Marathon

Trail Marathon

Just Finish


Brian Thomas said...

Just added your podcast to my feeder. I'll check out your first two episodes during my next run!

Stuart said...

Just found your podcast: Check this out

I'll have an upcoming post about Hammer products

Which 100 miler are you running, I missed that?

Sun Runner said...

I'm doing the Martian half that day. It's six weeks away from Cleveland, I was supposed to run 12 miles that day anyway, so I thought, "why not toss in an extra mile and race it?" I'm going to try and break 1:50 this time. :)

Keep up the podcast!! It's nice to hear about things of regional interest.