Sunday, November 30, 2008

Failure is an event, not a person

It had come down to today, the last day of the month, my last chance to get in my marathon for the month as part of the D.D.M.C. True, this was a silly little challenge that I had set at the beginning of the year, but so far I had managed to even surprise myself with completing 10 marathons.

After last weekends attempt and lack of energy (maybe a sign of overtraining?), I took it fairly easy during the week. After the 3rd Annual Gobble Dash, I was feeling pretty good about going into the weekend and knocking it out. The weather looked promising and I started putting together in my head my clothing stategy as dirrty girl and I shuttled between the necessary turkey day stops.

With some proper Midwestern turkey fare in my belly courtesy of my folks, we headed to Dirrty Girls mom for something akin to a Norman Rockwellian setting and food out of Bon Apetit. I don't remember much after that, as both Dirrty Girl and I were stricken with some bug that left us both losing food and liquid out of all openings for the next day and a half.

It wasn't pretty, and it was somewhat disheartening as Saturday came and went (with great weather I might add)with me only managing a scant 5 miler. Despite my sickness and probably better judgement, I felt that I could take at least a shot at it this morning.

My will was strong and my pick was sharp but it was not in the cards. As the miles wore on, I slowly felt the lingering effects of that bug from the other day and a nagging pain behind my right knee/hamstring area began to chop my stride. Decision time again, and I ended up home with a half marathon under my belt.

Certainly not a marathon, but I am okay with that. Even Dirrty Girl who sometimes is in disagreement about the D.DM.C., commented "Well you shouldn't have done it today. Just do two in December and finish your challenge up." Now you are talking.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

3rd Annual Gobble Dash

3rd Annual Gobble Dash

November 26, 2008

Starting Time: 10:30 a.m.

Distance: 5k + (3.25 or roundabout there)

Fee: FREE!!!!!


Snow Showers

38°F / 29°F

Precip: 30 %

What better way to start the holiday season then an easy stroll along the bike path adjourning the school. Let's face it, most of us are going to stuff ourselves in pure gluttony on Turkey Day and be well on our way to putting on a few extra pounds of stuffing in preparation for the winter. Therefore, I encourage you, to get out and burn a few calories the day before. For every mile you cover, approximately 100 calories are burned.

Fast Facts:


6 oz of white/dark meat 340

1/2 cup of stuffing 180

1 oz of potato/tortilla chips 150

1/2 cup mashed potatoes 150

1 dinner roll 110

1 piece of pumpkin pie 180

1 piece of pecan pie 480

GET THE POINT.....Participants will be given the secret code word which will allow for the opportunity to gather for some post consumption of barley and hops.


Name: Birthday:


City: . State: Zip:

Sex: M/F

With attendance doubling from last year, six participants (Dirt Dawg, Twinkle Toes, Smokin Joe Frazier, J-No, Chai Tea Latte, and ? (so many names to choose, I will have to think on it) ) engaged in a little pre holiday calorie burning after the students left to begin Thanksgiving break. The weather turned out to be a bit brisk with temps hovering around 36 degrees and wind chill reading of 28, but far better than the deluge that greeted participants last year. Smokin Joe Frazier was the first to turn in his entry form meant more to actually just get people to participate than to be filled out and decided to skip running with Dirt Dawg and Twinkle Toes in lieu of walking with the J-No, Chai Tea Latte, and Cougar? Chai Tea Latte remained confused and asked if she was to fill out the entry form because she has never actually raced before…while Pam of Dundler Mifflin triumphantly returned to the office, stating “that’s right, who just shaved 4 minutes off the time?” When Dirt Dawg told her does that mean you got it down to 42 minutes, she responded “No, 48. They did it in 52 last week.” He did not want to be the one to tell her that 47 and change is the course record for the W.I.P’s. There is always next year….Dorothy Boyd…

The secret code word was passed out to participants, and those that partook enjoyed eating and drinking what they had just burned.

Another year, another Gobble Dash…

Sunday, November 23, 2008

D.D.M.C. #11 - False Start

I had every intention of getting in my 11th marathon of the year this morning. Speaking with a fellow runner yesterday, it is always a bit of a feeling out process when old man winter begins to grip the area and you fumble with layering and getting used to the tingling, biting air as you take your first icy breaths. The air this morning was a crisp, 21 degrees with a windchill of 15 and with some new mittens, I thought I was dressed appropriately.

No real course set in mind, but my faithful border collie mix, Nemo tagged along for the first 5 miles. After a quick stop at home, I was off again. Felt pretty good, but it went south quickly. All of a sudden, I was zapped of all energy. Nothing in the tank. Now maybe it wasn't smart that I didn't take any water or gels, but I was only like 9 miles, and have done that easily in my sleep lots of times. Today, would not be one of them. If there is something I have learned from my miles on the road is that there are days that you just suck it up and press on, and other days where you cash it in and live to fight another day. So, after 12.64 miles, I called it a day. There are still 7 more days to go in the month, amd the D.D.M.C., is still alive.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

After the glow is gone....

Now that the glow has gone from my face, the last traces of soreness dissipate with each run, and the congratulations have stopped in regards to my Boston Marathon Qualifier, I have faced one of the biggest questions in regards to my running, now what?

True, I have 2 more of my own self imposed silly little marathons this year to complete the D.D.M.C., and after much discussion looks like I will put it off Boston until 2010, but now what?

The weather has turned cooler, or well at least it should be here in the next couple of days, and my runs have been a mix of easy runs and run/walks without much thought to distance. Maybe that it what these next couple of months should be like. Easy days and easy mileage but not without a purpose.

I have kicked it around for some time, and if I can't go to Boston, then it looks like it is a time to take a look a hundo. That's right, 2009 might be the year for Dirt Dawg to go Mano e Mano with a hundred miler and see what I am made of. Any suggestions?