Thursday, November 06, 2008

After the glow is gone....

Now that the glow has gone from my face, the last traces of soreness dissipate with each run, and the congratulations have stopped in regards to my Boston Marathon Qualifier, I have faced one of the biggest questions in regards to my running, now what?

True, I have 2 more of my own self imposed silly little marathons this year to complete the D.D.M.C., and after much discussion looks like I will put it off Boston until 2010, but now what?

The weather has turned cooler, or well at least it should be here in the next couple of days, and my runs have been a mix of easy runs and run/walks without much thought to distance. Maybe that it what these next couple of months should be like. Easy days and easy mileage but not without a purpose.

I have kicked it around for some time, and if I can't go to Boston, then it looks like it is a time to take a look a hundo. That's right, 2009 might be the year for Dirt Dawg to go Mano e Mano with a hundred miler and see what I am made of. Any suggestions?

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Brian Thomas said...

I think you'd rock at a hundred miles. Running all night is a crazy trip and well worth the experience.