Saturday, January 31, 2009


January Recap:

Runs: 27
Miles: 175.15
Average run distance: 6.5 miles
Total duration: 31 hours 31 min
Average pace per mile: 10:48

Although my average place was slow, I felt pretty good about getting in as many runs and miles as I did during the month given the near record snowfall and below average temperatures that Meechigan was blessed with. Because of this, it forced me to do a lot of runs on my treadmill.

Had a solid 3 weeks of above 40 miles per week and a planned recovery week. Also managed to do some cross training on the bike, cross country skiing and weights. I will continue to slowly build the mileage back up as I decide on which 100 miler to do and keep up with the cross training as I believe it will be one of the keys to building my overall strength.

Bring on February and a Punxsutawney Phil who doesn't see his shadow!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

There was no coercion, promise of an ice cream treat, or movie. Nope, Little Dirt Dawg and Dirrty Feather wanted to run on the treadmill. Best part was they were fighting about who put the shoes on first!
* Please note that due to several safety hazards in the pictures, kind of like a where's waldo? or what's wrong with this picture, the treadmill was not turned on.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Which one?

Which one will I obsess over? Which one will give direction and purpose to my training for the better part of this year? Which one will I try to coerce, beg and plead with others to become part of my CREW for? Which one will I go to experience a lifetime of pain, agony, joy, and flow all within 20-30 hours?

Which one? Mohican or Burning River?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dropping the Hundo on Dirrty Girl

I think Dirrty Girl had an inkling that a 100 miler attempt was coming, just maybe not so soon and maybe not this year. However, since I am not running Boston until 2010, I need a goal this year and it is one that I have been slowly building towards. This morning, I gathered up my nerves, facts and proceeded to drop the idea between mouthfuls of bagel and swigs of java. The follwing is my best recollection:

Me: "Honey, you should really start thinking about what races you want to do this year."

Dirrty Girl: " Why? You want me to run another marathon don't you?"

Me: "No, I think you need to start targeting some races to make some training plans, plus I am trying to put together a race schedule, and I think a 100 miler is on for the summer."

D.G.: " What???? That is dangerous...No...why don't you wait until Dirrty Feather/Cookie Monster is 5? That is going to be a lot more training...and you are already too thin. If we go out you are not going to drink ."

Me: "Really, honey the training for 100 is not much more than the 50's I have done. I have talked to some people and have some plans."

D.G.: " Why don't you just stick with doing 50 milers? You could get really hurt."

Me: "If it was dangerous, I wouldn't do it. This is one thing that I am going to have to agree to disagree with you on."

Fade to black...

Fast Facts:

1. When I first met Dirrty Girl, I weighed around 195 and was doing about 2 marathons a year right in the vicinity of 4 hours. I currently weigh in the vicinity of 166, but according to some BMI indicators, I am right where I am supposed to be for my height at 6"1 and would have to weigh like 140 to be considered underweight.So yes, I am thinner than I use to be...but a lot faster!

2. I rarely drink and when I do, no more than two.

3. Outside of my family, the thing I love the most to do is run.

Guess that settles it....Now all I have to do is pick a race, design a training plan, train, put together a crew...etc...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Making Tracks

The bitterly cold temps have subsided for a bit and the snow has
stopped falling for now, so I couldn't help myself but to bust out my
cross country skiis and make some fresh tracks. True, skiing on
groomed trails is nice, but the chance to bust through fresh powder
and make a trail of your own is pretty cool.

Little chance with over a foot of the white stuff around that it is
going anywhere soon.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

PU Challenge

During the off season, I tend to make committments that I am going to increase my strength and flexibility by making a concerted effort to lift weights and stretch since my mileage is down. And every year, I start off pretty well and then fall off the wagon because I never follow a program. I kind of toss some weights around here, attend a yoga class there and then when a few weeks have passed or the first of whiff of warm air crosses my nose, I drop the weights, roll up the yoga mat and head to the road.

However, if I have learned anything in the past couple of years is that following a program, will yield results. You merely have to put in the time and follow it.

Surfing the web one day, I came across this challenge called the 100 Pushup Challenge. It claimed that in 6 weeks and in about 30 minutes a week you can go from essentially 0 pushups to 100. They claimed that you probably couldn't even do 20. HMMPF...I thought, I will at least take a look and do the intial test. I was humbled as my arms quivered and my stomach ached to pound out 15 good ones. Eeck! I humbly printed the challenge.

I have completed two weeks worth so far. I like that there is no additional equipment needed except for your own bodyweight and a timer. Now, if I just stick with it for the entire time, I might just get some actual results.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


From time to time, I am going to post some PR's (product reviews) on
some of my favorite items that I use. Given the cold weather that has
fallen on Metro Detroit, I have fallen in love with the Brooks Paradox

Why I have never given mittens a chance before is beyond me. For one
thing, mittens maintain warmth much better than any glove I have ever
used. What I really like about these are that they have a fleece liner
and a pretty moisture/windproof outer shell. I have run in temps as
cold as about 4 degrees and my digits have not even sniffed a wisp of
bitter air.

So if you are still looking for a pair of winter gloves for your hands
consider the Brooks Paradox Mittens. Approved by Dirt Dawg with a
rating of 4.8 on a scale of 5.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Traction Control

After a slip and fall on a run earlier in the week that left my melon
rather fuzzy for a few days, I decided it might be a good idea to bust
out my Yaxtrax. Another winter storm had dumped at least 6 inches on
us and the sidewalks and roads were covered enough that the coils
gripped the road and gave me piece of mind as I scampered around for 8

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Welcome Back

On New Year's Eve, I received the following text message:" Thinking about starting back running again....think u could work me up a plan?" A smile slowly crept across my face, because the person making the request was none other than my dad.

Outside of my freshman high school cross country coach who stated at the awards banquet, "When he first showed up and was shaped like a bell, I didn't think he could be much of a runner", there is no one else who has affected my running as much as my father.

As a tween and young adult, my father was into cycling and running. Watching him, I was slowly drawn into both. Partly because it helped me to fight the battle of the bell that had accumulated around my midsection and as a way to spend time with my dad.

My first runs were promptly followed up with a call to him at work saying I had run 10 seconds faster than the day before or that I felt really strong. When I joined track in 7th grade, it was my dad who took me to get my first pair of Nike Air Max and boy did I feel fast even if my times were more pedestrian in nature. One Christmas, we even got matching non-breathable Gore-Tex suits from Road Runner Sports. When I ran my first marathon in Detroit and finished inside of old Tiger Stadium on first base, it was my dad who had driven me there, stopped and got me a garbage bag to help keep me dry because it was raining, and told me when he saw me finish, "You looked like crap."

Our runs were a chance to talk and a way for me to learn about the fine art of surging. I remember those runs where he would pick up the pace ever so slightly and then just when I would catch up again, surge ahead...breaking me down, but making me a stronger runner. Soon enough we started going to races and sometimes did two a weekend. One time we thought it would be a good idea to do a warm-up on the bike before a 5 miler and ended up getting into a pissing match on the bike that left our legs seizing up midway during the race.

But as the seasons passed we have traveled different roads. He has worked, tended to the horse farm, and gotten back into those manly pursuits, like hunting and fishing. I finally graduated from college, got married, began raising a family, and got serious about my running. There were no more runs on the road together.

I think that all might change. We talked after he got sick of trading text messages and today met up at Running Fit to get him fitted for shoes (Brooks Adreline GTS 9) and over to REI for some gear. He told me he was tired of sitting on the Couch of Doom and thinks it would be pretty cool if he, myself, and Little Dirt Dawg could all do and one day do a race together. I found him a program that starts with walking and then builds in some running, so that the transition is gentle and he doesn't get injured. His BHAG one day might be to run a marathon.

Of course I looked. He only needs a 4 hr 00 min marathon to make it to Boston. If we were able to run that together it would certainly be something special, but I look forward to just being able to run with him again.

So in true Dirt Dawg spirit, welcome back Father Dawg. Welcome Back.

Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 miles for 2009

For all of you looking for a little motivation or goofy little challenge and subscribe to Buckeye Outdoors,check out the 2009 miles in 2009 challenge that I created.

Pretty simple. Run, walk or a combination of the two to see who can get to 2009 miles during 2009. What are you waiting for....get out there!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 Y.I.R.

Year in Review:

Dirrty Feather raced a few times this year garnering a 5th place overall/1st place in the 30-34 age group in the Run Drugs Out Of Town 10k, a 5th place inthe 30-34 age group @ the Summer Solstice Run, and even did a 5k in Loveland, Colorado. She loves when I pull the jogger out and has taken to asking "How your run?"

Little Dirt Dawg has for all intensive purposes moved from the baby jogger to hitting the street and rocked two strong performances @ the Oak Apple Run and Summer Solstice Run finishing first in both. In late fall he began asking if he could ride his bike with me while I ran, so it should make for an exciting new year.

Dirrty Girl set some good goals for herself this year and competed in a couple of 10k's and half marathon's. When she didn't like her results early in the year, she dilligently stuck to a training plan and was rewarded with a half marathon PR @ Columbus. Maybe, I can get her to do another marathon.

Dirt Dawg's Data:

Runs: 331

Total Time: 357 hrs 17 min

Avg pace: 10:02/mile

Avg. distance: 6.5 miles

Miles for year: 2,135

Walks: 71

Time: 75 hr 23 min

Avg pace: 14:24/mile

Avg. distance: 4.4 miles

Miles for year: 314.4

Bike: 45

Time: 39 hr 38 min

Avg. distance: 11.2 miles

Miles for year: 504

Looking back, I can't complain about anything. I raced with my family and set new PR's for myself. Bring on 2009!