Tuesday, January 13, 2009


From time to time, I am going to post some PR's (product reviews) on
some of my favorite items that I use. Given the cold weather that has
fallen on Metro Detroit, I have fallen in love with the Brooks Paradox

Why I have never given mittens a chance before is beyond me. For one
thing, mittens maintain warmth much better than any glove I have ever
used. What I really like about these are that they have a fleece liner
and a pretty moisture/windproof outer shell. I have run in temps as
cold as about 4 degrees and my digits have not even sniffed a wisp of
bitter air.

So if you are still looking for a pair of winter gloves for your hands
consider the Brooks Paradox Mittens. Approved by Dirt Dawg with a
rating of 4.8 on a scale of 5.


Sun Runner said...

You know, I might have to get a pair. I have terrible problems with cold hands (my totally unofficial and non-doctor-confirmed theory is that I suffer from Raynaud's phenomenon) and if these mittens are as warm as you say they are, they might be better for me than my Brooks gloves.

Unknown said...

One of the few pieces of running gear that I have paid full price for. Well worth it and backed by the dirt Dawg guarantee that if you don't like them the next time I meet/see you on the trail I will reimburse you with a gel!