Saturday, January 31, 2009


January Recap:

Runs: 27
Miles: 175.15
Average run distance: 6.5 miles
Total duration: 31 hours 31 min
Average pace per mile: 10:48

Although my average place was slow, I felt pretty good about getting in as many runs and miles as I did during the month given the near record snowfall and below average temperatures that Meechigan was blessed with. Because of this, it forced me to do a lot of runs on my treadmill.

Had a solid 3 weeks of above 40 miles per week and a planned recovery week. Also managed to do some cross training on the bike, cross country skiing and weights. I will continue to slowly build the mileage back up as I decide on which 100 miler to do and keep up with the cross training as I believe it will be one of the keys to building my overall strength.

Bring on February and a Punxsutawney Phil who doesn't see his shadow!

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