Saturday, January 17, 2009

PU Challenge

During the off season, I tend to make committments that I am going to increase my strength and flexibility by making a concerted effort to lift weights and stretch since my mileage is down. And every year, I start off pretty well and then fall off the wagon because I never follow a program. I kind of toss some weights around here, attend a yoga class there and then when a few weeks have passed or the first of whiff of warm air crosses my nose, I drop the weights, roll up the yoga mat and head to the road.

However, if I have learned anything in the past couple of years is that following a program, will yield results. You merely have to put in the time and follow it.

Surfing the web one day, I came across this challenge called the 100 Pushup Challenge. It claimed that in 6 weeks and in about 30 minutes a week you can go from essentially 0 pushups to 100. They claimed that you probably couldn't even do 20. HMMPF...I thought, I will at least take a look and do the intial test. I was humbled as my arms quivered and my stomach ached to pound out 15 good ones. Eeck! I humbly printed the challenge.

I have completed two weeks worth so far. I like that there is no additional equipment needed except for your own bodyweight and a timer. Now, if I just stick with it for the entire time, I might just get some actual results.

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