Monday, January 26, 2009

Which one?

Which one will I obsess over? Which one will give direction and purpose to my training for the better part of this year? Which one will I try to coerce, beg and plead with others to become part of my CREW for? Which one will I go to experience a lifetime of pain, agony, joy, and flow all within 20-30 hours?

Which one? Mohican or Burning River?


Sun Runner said...

Not that I'm ever going to do an ultramarathon, but I vote for the Burning River! It goes through territory I am very familiar with, since I grew up in NE Ohio. The race begins a few miles from my parents' house; you can see their street on the "Section A" map, in fact. And then you get to run through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park on the Towpath trail? Awesome!

Brian Thomas said...

Well, you know my vote. I say go with Burning River. Besides, it has a cool name. :)

Kim said...

Why not do both? I'm planning on it. Of my friends who have run both, BR is the "easier" of the two courses.
Of course, Mohican is more beautiful, with much more hills.
With Mohican, you *might* get cooler weather. With BR, you will not get cooler weather. It will be hot and humid in August in Cleveland.