Saturday, January 23, 2010

Video Test

Short little video i shot with my Iphone 3g using the iVideocamera app today after long run.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Putting It Down

Little scraps of paper and a rambling thoughts in my head are as far as I have gone in establishing my tentative race schedule for 2010. I know what I want to run, but putting it down and then discussing it with Dirrty Girl (wife) are keys in the building process.

Paint Creek 50k
A local fat ass where I ran only the 25k several years ago. However, I learned the loop that day and have used it numerous times in training. Only problem I remembered after I signed up is that it is my daughter's birthday. Hmm..

Green Jewel 50k
from the website: The Green Jewel 50K Fun Run is a running event that showcases the Cleveland Metroparks. Running from the Scenic Park (near the Marina) in Rocky River to the Oak Grove Picnic Area in Brecksville.

The Green Jewel run is part of the 2010 Western Reserve Trail Running Series.

Martian 1/2 or Marathon
I think I have run this marathon 5 times? If you are looking for crowd support, you won't find it here as the run is mainly an out and back on Hines Drive that is a low key and well organized event. Last year, I used it as a long training run by doing about 6 miles before the start. No sure what I want to yet in terms of distance since Boston is 1 week later.

Boston Marathon:
Not gonna lie...kind of excited for this. I managed to qualify somehow (Columbus 2008) and am in the process of getting the legs to try and remember how to run fast. Goal is to simply put in the quality efforts and show up on race day.

Kettle Morraine 100k
A big of a longshot in terms of traveling logistics only and that it falls near the end of the school year. Would love to run this as I have heard of the beauty of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail in Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine State Forest.

Burning River 100:
Like a moth to a flame. My BHAG for 2009 took me to my core and it was everything that I had imagined and more. This was quite simply the best event I have ever participated in. Not simply because of the distance, but in terms of the course, support, and organization. I managed to put together a plan that kept my time away from family to a minimum and even in the months after this event, I have thought about the time out there, and I just want to go back. Simply put...there was nothing better than having no other responsibility for the day than to put one foot in front of the other and move foward. And oh is the 2010 National Championship...

Hallucination 50k/50m
Held on the the beautiful Potowatomi singletrack, I paced my buddy Brian last year for his attempt at Michigan's first 100 miler. Only scheduling conflict is Dirrty Girl's 40th birthday that weekend.

Oil Creek 50k:
This ruggedly beautiful race sold out last year. Located near DG's grandparents, she actually encouraged me to sign up for this race last year. How is that for an endorsement? Haven't seen anything posted for it this year, but I am keeping tabs.

Detroit Free Press Marathon
Home of my first marathon. I ran it for the 5th time last year and had an absolute ball. Will try to remember and sign up early this year to avoid the frustration of standing in the immigration check and pay line.

Lose the Turkey Fat Ass:
My race directorial debut. Held on one of my favorite training loops, last year's inaugural event surpassed all of my expectations in terms of participation and weather. Totally fun

Nothing really groundbreaking here, but I know I have to plan things out. So far the only confirmed race is the Boston Marathon. Burning River is sure to follow soon. Most of it again is pretty local, but I am ok with that since I want to spend time with my family even while training for my goals. I will be coaching little dirt dawg's spring soccer team and then most likely will volunteer to help coach his tball team. Dirrty Feather just started gymnastics and will probably play squirt ball (soccer) for the first time this fall. As for Dirrty Girl, she is mounting a comeback to the roads and has a 1/2 marathon planned to try and achieve her PR. No doubt, I will be doing some runs with her, and will probably try and pace her. Looks like a busy year, but I know with proper planning, that I can achieve these goals. See you out there!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Y.I.R. 2009

Year in Review 2009:


# of runs: 350

Miles: 2,481

Time: 473 hours and 53 min

Average Run: 7.1 miles

Average Pace: 11:27 min/mile


# of rides: 52

Miles: 428

Time: 33 hr 52 min

Average Ride: 8.2 miles

Best part was that I was able to get out there and meet some amazing people. Really excited to see what 2010 holds. Bring it!