Monday, February 09, 2009

A Podcaster?

I would say that 95% of my runs are by myself. Given my schedule and time constraints its just the way it is. Through this new social media of podcasting though, I have found myself listening to lots of running podcasts and feel that even though I don't get to physically get to run with these folks, it's like I have and in some small way feel like I am part of a club.

Lately, I have been kicking around the idea that maybe I too want to jump into this podcasting fray and give my own rambling diatribe but with a voice you can hear. You know, all three of you that comment. That is not to say that I will have anything new or interesting to say and it may in fact suck so bad no one will listen, but it might be worth a shot. So this is in no way an endorsement of me starting a podcast similar to everyone screaming "Kwame in 2013",
but I am just putting it out there. Let it sit out there, marinate awhile until I make a decision. Of course, I tend to say things like I am going to run a 50 miler, attempt to qualify for Boston, or run/walk (emphasis on WALK) a 100 miles and somehow I talk myself into them.

So if anyone has some good advice on recording gear, software and other things let me know. I will be running down the roads @ 4:30 in this morning practicing talking to myself.


Brian Thomas said...

I think that you should definitely do it!

Dan said...

If you're looking for ideas about recording gear or software, a lot of running podcasters have posted descriptions of their setups at

Good luck!