Sunday, March 18, 2007

Never do on a long run...

Two weeks to go before the first marathon of the year and there i was on St. Patrick's Day, sober, out for a 20 miler. Had the requisite backpack filled with Drink (Perpetuem) and Food (Hammer Gel), wallet, and phone (to be used in case of emergency by the wife in case there was trouble with the litter).

Things are going well, until 4 miles and the phone rings.

ME: Hello (in back of mind: This had better be something good!)

Wife: My grandma and grandpa can't get the TV to work.

ME: Push auxillary and then power (in back of mind: are you f..... kidding me?)

Wife: Ok..hold on...(15 sec pass) that isn't working..are you sure that is what you are supposed to do?

ME: I will have to look at it when i get there (in back of mind: not suitable to print)...CLOSE PHONE....

Rest of run is uneventful, but maybe we have to develop some sort of code for what really is important like:

ME: Hello

Wife: 911....


RUN - 52.18 miles/343.78 miles

Dog: 10.09 miles/ 76.50 miles

Son in jogger: 4.96 miles/ 4.96 miles

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