Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hamster on a wheel....

In the past, I have thought that anyone that has run on a treadmill looked like a hamster on a wheel. Why not enjoy the fresh air, scenery and challenge yourself against Mother Nature? That was before I had kids and came to the realization that a treadmill does have a few purpose.

Purpose #1: It can simulate hills if you by none. This is the midwest we are talking about. They name ski resorts Mt. Whatever which is on top of a landfill

Purpose #2: It can simulate speed for when you can't get to the track and have no motivation to run fast. Either keep up or get shot off the back.

Purpose #3: It is the only time I can watch all the free downloads that I get off of Itunes.

7 Days until the


RUN - 29.31 miles/ 373.09 miles

Dog: 13.52 miles/ 90.02 miles

Son in jogger: 5.07 miles/ 10.03 miles

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