Friday, July 06, 2007

Mind Chatter

Decisions, decisions as i thought about where to run today. Kensington or Stoney Creek Metropark were my two choices (they both open @ 6 am as opposed to 8 am for the state parks and where i would rather run ---TRAILS, but the plans today did not allow for it) and I really didn't have any preference heading into this morning. However, as I got into the car and had to make a choice which way to head out I had a small epiphany.

Now, I have purchased a heart rate monitor to make sure my easy runs are truly easy and my hard runs are hard, monitor my fluid and fuel intake, why shouldn't i also take the advice that you have to train yourself for the conditions that you will run on as well? That being said, I headed out to Stoney Creek and started off on a 21.26 mile run that mixed both road (12.61 mi) and trail (8.65 mi). I know the North Country Trail Run is all on trails, and with the family headed up north next week i should be able to start doing some more trail work.

I try and save listening to my Ipod nano (actually the wife's) until I have a couple of hours under my belt, kind of like a reward, and give myself a bit of time to think to myself. Should have had paper with me.

best recollections:

(1) Why do mountain bikers not say thank you when you get out of their way on the trail?
(2) Has anyone ever been attacked on trail by a deer? i was lost in thought on the trail when i came within 6 feet of a deer munching on some grass. Probably what caused my heart rate to climb to 169 or a couple of the big hills.
(3) Nike Air Max Moto IV good for roads and smooth trails. Not great for some of the technical trails @ Stoney.
(4) New GU combination of Chocolate Outrage and Orange Outburst is Yummy.
(5) Why if you spend thousands of dollars on a tri bike, can you not spring for a jersey to wear? I mean if you go down...ouch...and the dude was hairy!
(6)Leave no trace!!! I saw too many gel packets lying on the trail today.


Timothy Finkelstein said...

I always thank your kind for getting out of my way and I never leave any gu remains. I always am too paranoid it is going to give me bad kharma and cause me to crash later. Of course, I am a roadie.

Brian Thomas said...

A number of years ago, I was sitting stationary in a car at a stop sign and had a wild turkey run into my passenger door.