Saturday, July 28, 2007

Halfway Mark

8 weeks into the North Country Run 50 miler prep and I thought I would look at my training to this point:

Mileage suggested by plan to this point: 380 miles
My actual mileage: 382.77 miles
Avg. mileage per week: 47.85 miles
Total time: 62 hr. 7 min
Avg. pace per mile: 9:44


(1) Training has been going really well. No major injuries so far, but the hardest training is coming up with weeks of mileage I have never done.

(2) I have tried to get on my bike a few times a week to help faciliate recovery and give my legs a break, but it has been minimal so far. Only 65.26 miles/ 4 hr 23 min in the 8 weeks so far. I would like to get 2 rides a week from here on out.

(3) Sporadically, I have done my yoga and some core work. Again, another spot I need to focus on.

(4) Overall, it has been a great summer of the Dirt Dawg so far. Let's keep it rollin......

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Brian Thomas said...

Hey, you know what's funny? My wife and I also celebrated out 5 year anniversary this year (May 25).

Looks like your training is going really well. I might have to try some of those Kashi waffles--after the Pediasure nausea last weekend I think I need something more solid.