Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kensington/Island Lake Marathon

The schedule called for 24 today, but I thought if I am driving out to Kensington to run @ 6 am then I might as well as turn it into a marathon. My original plan was to run 3 loops of Kensington, which measures just over 8 miles, and then run a bit extra to get the marathon distance. However, just before 7 miles, on the first loop the bridge was getting worked on, so i had to double back to the car which got me to just over 14 miles. After loading up with some more fuel and grapping my waistpack i headed back towards Island Lake, out to the trails for a few miles and then back. A post run dip in Kensington Lake was well deserved.


Distance: 26.2
Time: 3 hr 50 min 7 sec
Avg. per mile: 8:47
Avg. Heart Rate: 149/79%
Max Heart Rate: 179/95%
Calorie: 3759


1. Felt really, really good today. Pattern was run 2 miles and then walk 2 minutes the whole way. Legs never stiffened up, and i definetly had fuel in the tank when i was done.

2. Tried a new fueling strategy this morning. Ate the same Kashi Go-Lean Waffles with PB and Nutella and a couple of strawberries and coffee pre-run, but did not take in any GU until 14 miles and then again @ 20 miles. Supplemented that with Gatorade and the stomach felt fine with no bloating or fullness that I start to feel at around 20+. Typically start eating 2 GU @ 6 miles and then repeat.

3. Only 6 minutes off of PB and that was with without any taper and a definite increase in mileage following this plan. I think this plan might actually be working!!!

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