Sunday, July 15, 2007

Anglers we ain't

" I would like to take my 3 yr old son fishing," I say to the gruff old guy at the local bait and tackle store in Indian River this morning.

" Got a boat?" he replies. Heck no...i mean do you know how much running gear I could buy with that I say to myself.

" uh no" I reply.

"well, you can really only fish down at the pier" and with that he gave me some directions and sent us on our way.

Down at the pier, little dirt dawg turned into " worm boy" and with some fumbling on my part we were able to cast out a few lines and even managed to catch a couple of small fish, and I repeat small. No matter to him, he was able to tell Dirrty Girl that the fish he caught was as big as his wingspan, a whopper of a tale.

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JBrandt said...

If you begin replacing Li'l Dirt Dawg's bedtime stories with Hemingway's The Big Two-hearted River, you will arrive at fishing greatness before you can say, "It's a keeper."