Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Country Road

Take me home, to the place I belong (tomorrow!!). With the help of the internet prior to departure, I was able to find a country road that was only a mile or so down the busy highway.

Ambling along for an easy run today found me out amongst rolling hills, an Amish horse and buggy passing me and the first mosquitos of the year. On the way back, this cute dog came barreling towards me, complete with owner yelling " Don't worry he's friendly," which always puts me at ease.

Cutest mutt I have seen but the owner corrected me and said he was a pedigree stray. Guess even with a dog there is some degree of political correctness.


Fritz said...

Sounds fun!

Speaking of rolling hills, I'm planning to Run Pontiac Rec Thursday Morning. Does that work for you?

Fritz said...

I'll be there (possibly with friends; I've got a couple of tentative commitments) at 8 AM.

Shoot me an e-mail at fkrampATgmailDOTcom- this commenting on one another's blogs is a bit cumbersome. :P


Fritz said...

Oops- I was thinking of Thursday the 12th for Pontiac. I typically work the afternoons on Thursdays, leaving my mornings open for running- but I can't promise until I have my work schedule for that week.

I'll let you know when I do!