Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Monument to Nature"

With the clouds rolling in and the water chilly, Dirrty Girl got a hankering for some Polish food. So we loaded up the chitlins and head out for a little road trip

.Legs Inn ( is located in Cross Village, MI at the end of scenic M-119 " Tunnel of Trees" and is listed as a State of Michigan Historic Landmark. It is a quirky joint to say the least. A reminder that the dive we were at last night is not a historic landmark...but damm if that za didn't taste good this morning following a 10+ miler.

Anyways, Nina, our college student from Poland, quickly took Dirrty Girl's orders for pierogis and potato pancakes while little dirt dawg and I plunnked down some quarters into a viewing machine to try and get a sweeping view of Lake Michigan.

Another gem up north.

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