Monday, June 11, 2007

10 B4 6

As i was sitting in church yesterday for my daughter's baptism, i began wrapping my head around the idea that i could try a 10 miler before work tomorrow morning knowing that i had a sitter for the kids and i could leave a little later than normal for work. 10 miles B4 6 am, i told myself after watching The Soprano's fade to black.

Can't say i had the most restful sleep as the daughter, still amped from her baptism was up repeatedly, which included a rocking stint from me during the wee hours of 3-3:30 am. Nevertheless, i woke up at 4:30 and was out the door by 4:35 am. After yesterday's pedestrian stroll, this was a bit more work, but the legs felt good. Can't say i was a spring chicken the rest of the day, but the workout let me know the training is working.

10 miles
1 hr. 17 min 53 sec
7:47 mi/avg
159 avg heart rate
172 max heart rate

1 comment:

Timothy Finkelstein said...

Glad to hear you were focused during the sacred sacrament of your daughter.