Sunday, June 17, 2007

Field of Dreams

Besides being Father's Day, today was the day of my long awaited Fantasy Batting Practice @ Comerica Park courtesy of the wife (a.k.a. Dirrty Girl) and D.O.D. (Dear ole dad).

Scheduled for 1-4:30 pm, I along with approximately 35 other hopefuls brought bags of gear and hope in our pockets that we would be able to take Dave Rozema deep.

After a quick check in, the gates were open and we filed down onto the field and into the visitor's dugout.

No checking of tickets, or worrying that we might miss the first pitch. No today the field belonged to every one of us, still with the heart of the kid, that we to had made it to the bigs, even if only for BP.

Before the actual BP began, I had a chance to warmup throwing the ball in right field . With Rozema on the mound, each of us filed into cage to hack away. With my dad in the stands, just like back in the day of little league, and traveling teams with doubleheaders on Saturday, I stood firmly and whacked a couple out of the INFIELD! Woo Hoo!!!

After I was done, I hung out in the outfield and shagged balls as others attempted to put one out, with no one succeeding. And just like that with the last batter, Rozema said, "Thanks for coming out" and retired to the dugout to sign balls, take pictures and our certificates.

A great experience. Thanks again to the wife and my dad for making it a reality!!

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