Friday, June 08, 2007

Another Crack.....

After my hack attack at the batting cages last week, i pulled into the parking lot and scanned the cages trying to formulate a plan. I was trying to summon the strength to make contact, or at best at least not provide the surrounding cages with air conditioning. As my son currently is fond of saying, "Me have id!", the softball cages!!

Plunking down $6.75, equaling 3 tokens and 60 pitches,i walked confidently up to the slow pitch machine plunked in my token and awaited with anticipation/dread for the first pitch......PING...Back,Back,Back...or at least to the farthest reaches of the net. Looking like big melons, i swung confidently, just like when a major leaguer is so locked in (think Gary Sheffield or Magglio Ordonez right now)that they say they can actually see the stitches on the ball. Another token and i walked right into the fast pitch softball cage and swung confidently.

Bring on the 45 mph "The Bird" cage next time!

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Timothy Finkelstein said... the hell did you get that totals caliberator? Totally jealous!