Thursday, June 28, 2007

My drug of choice

Sitting outside my local Starbucks enjoying some post run fuel after a scintilating run @ Kensington Metro Park while trying to mobile blog before the fam packs up and heads to PA got me to thinking, what is your drug of choice?

Why this thought, you ask? Like all things that you enjoy, you get so caught up in what you are doing it that time seems to hardly pass at all even if hours have gone by. I liken it to being in a zone, much like today.

17 miles flew by and before I knew it I was done.That being said, running is my drug of choice.


Brian Thomas said...

Ah you are smok'n me on the mileage so far this week. I'm only at 21 so I probably won't see much of you at the North Country Run :).

Actually, I've been thinking about this and it seems to apply to your post. I'm trying to decide if I really like to run. I like to be outside; I like to have some time to myself; I like that losing track of time feeling. Running gives me all of that, but I'd do something else if it gave me the same fix. Good question.

Timothy Finkelstein said...

My Drug: The three C's:

Fritz said...

Right there with you!

If you ever make it to Pontiac Rec to do some DWD training, let me know! I'd say it's pretty on par with Pinckney in terms of difficulty, and it is a change of scenery...