Saturday, June 09, 2007


With family in town for the princess dawg's baptism this weekend, Dirrty Girl and I headed down to the scene of our first date for the G.O.T.W. (Game Of The Week) pitting the Detroit Tigers against the New York Mets.

Until last year, Dirrty Girl and I never sat in the seats we actually paid for because the team was so bad and for her 31st birthday a few years back i was even able to score 100 tickets for 100 dollars. Those days, thank goodness, are gone and the atmosphere down there is electric.

After sitting up in section 218 for 5+ innings or so, some of Dirrty Girls friends came by and let us know they were sitting down on the lower level 12 rows behind first base and asked if we wanted to come down. Yes and Yes! The atmosphere is so much different and you really feel like you are part of the game. In the end, Todd Jones slammed the door on the Mets and the Tigers won 8-7.

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JBrandt said...

Blessings on the baptism.
Titus 3:5- 8
The Clem clan caught the Mets slaughter on Sunday. Sun, hits, runs, a victory and five feet from snagging a foul ball. All was good.