Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thomas and Friends Live on Stage

Why is it that the best seats i have ever had to any sporting or musical event happen to be when the wife and i take little dirt dawg to see Thomas and Friends Live on Stage? Because, as a parent it is just what you do. Seeing the joy on his face when we tell him it is time to go downtown to the "D" to see Thomas to the reaction when we walk all the way down to the second row from the stage and the show starts more than makes up for any discontent or grumblings that i have about thinking there is too much song and not enough Thomas. It also more than validates the crazy day i spent at working going to secure those tickets with the help of D.O.D.(dear ole dad).

Of course, no trip to the "D" would be complete without sauntering in and bellying up to the counter at a Motown institution for some Coneys and French Fries that are "so good" according to little dirt dawg.

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