Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mud Hens

For the love of the game, is how Billy Chapel signs a baseball indicating his choice to retire than be traded at the end of the season. For the love of the game, is why we headed down to watch the Toledo Mud Hens, a AAA affiliate of you guessed it the Detroit Tigers play an afternoon ballgame with little dirt dawg.

With an oppresive heat hanging over the stadium, Dirrty Girl had secured great seats just above the visitors dugout and more importantly in the shade. However, that did not stop little dirt dawg from wanting to get closer to the action to be able to count and call balls and strikes.

With a 5-2 victory and a new ball cap for little dirt dawg, the family began the trek toward the car, traffic and home, when passing a local joint seemed to call out to them.

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