Friday, June 22, 2007

What a great way to begin....

SUMMER!! With a half day of work looming in front of me before I began my summer vacation, I decided to run into work. 18.96 miles later and 2 hr 59 minutes later and I arrived at my destination, but not before some noteworthy experiences.

1. I made $.45 by traversing the beautiful mile roads and crossing over the hallowed line that seperated the EAST from WEST side.

2. I rediscovered the joy of listening to my Ipod to kill time on the roads and have found Phedippidations, a self described goofy little podcast about running, to be a great way to do that.

3. As I bought my celebratory gatorade at the local 7 eleven before getting to work, a weathered old lady puts 2 22oz of Old Milwaukee's Best on the counter and tells the girl behind the counter, " I am gonna need some Marlboro Reds as well" It is 8 a.m. our time, but I guess it is noon somewhere.

This would have been a full enough day for me, but then I received a call on the bat phone from Twinkle Toes that if Dirrty Girl and I were interested that they may need some ringers to help the SEX PANTHERS of the Adult Kickball League maintain their pristine record. With a resounding YES, I was off in search of Dirrty Girls long lost cleats

and a talk about her strategry:

1. Show bunt...uhhh, this is kickball not softball
2. Not to be the worst one out there...she goes 3 for 4 and 1 run scored

3. Not be the slowest one out there....i decline to comment, but as long as she tried her best that is all that matters.

For better or worse, we at least participated in helping the SEX PANTHERS maintain their perfect record and enjoyed a great alternative to the standard date night!

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