Monday, December 26, 2011

Why wait?

Gifts are unwrapped, stomachs are full and now there is a lull. That lull is the time between Christmas and New Years. Not a lot is going in terms of work for the majority of people and retailers are doing their best mind manipulation to get you into their stores to spend either those little plastic cards or your hard earned money.

Inevitably, now is the time that you start to see articles and references for resolutions that should start on New Years in less than a week. Why now? Why does the start of the new year signal that a change can take place now? Part of it, I believe at least is marketing. There isn’t a whole lot going on like I said, so why not drum up something that will sound snazzy and coincides with a fresh clean slate in everyone’s mind. Of course along with the clean slate is a whole slew of gadgets, apps, and gizmos to get you headed and reportedly keep you moving in the right direction.

My question is why wait? Why wait 5 more days to start something that you could start today or even tomorrow? Is there something that you have been wanting to do?  Learn a new language? Create something great? Is there a list in your head that you hold onto secretly waiting to find the time and or place to go for it? The time and place is now!

I have realized this as I have been going through my self imposed writing challenge this month and to be honest it is quite refreshing. I have been jotting down notes of things I have had in my head that I have wanted to do, but never said I had the time. If I can make the time to write this daily blog entry, then surely I can find the time to do things on my list that I have taken from head and put down on paper. My time for action like yours is now. What is it that you have been waiting to start on?

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