Friday, December 09, 2011

ME day

Shhh...Don't tell anyone, but today I am doing something selfish. Today, I am taking a ME day. It's rare, that I have a day that is all to myself with no responsibilities. Yes, I did take the kids to school, but then that is where my little responsibility ended. I told the wife that I had a conference which meant I could take the kids to school and go in later. Later as in Monday but let’s not argue over semantics.

Its not even that the “stress” of the holidays has gotten to me. I knew though that if I had mentioned to the wife that I was staying home, the honey do list would be a mile long. That list will still be there, but none of it is getting done today.

I just need a day. A day to sit at the local coffee shop, doing a little writing and maybe head to the book store.It’s the equivalent of a spa day to me. I get a chance to recharge my batteries, doing a couple of things that I genuinely enjoy with no real time limit. It’s important to recognize when you just need to slow down for a day and take a break. I have heard some people, say that they need to get away from it all and go on a vacation when the stress gets to be to much. While vacations can be expensive, those same people often come back and say that the vacation was actually more stressful then what they were trying to get away from. My ME day today is cheap, I don’t have to travel very far, and I can still pick up my kids after school. No one will know. Well you of course, and maybe the wife if she remembers the blog.

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JS Tremaine said...

Man, it has been so long since I spent an afternoon relaxing in coffee shop or bookstore. I'm extremely jealous and may just emulate your actions next week.