Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scratching Below the Surface

Someone commented yesterday in response to my post stating that on paper, that I had failed in terms of my running goals, to think of all things that I had not done yet. They were spot on and without hesitation, I responded back, "I am just scratching the surface of what I have done and what I am going to become. " My response bore authenticity as it has been a feeling that has been below the surface for some time now and has slowly risen to the top as of late. It struck me that this was somewhat of my first public declaration even if only to one person that there was change ahead.

I cant quite pinpoint where the idea has sprouted from. Could it be that I just passed my 10th year as an educator in the same building and am wondering what should be my next step? Is it an early "mid-life" crisis? Could it be that my recent return to  writing has paved the way for the idea to spring forth? Maybe it is that at some level, I have come to an understanding of who I am at the moment and what I contribute to society. In respect to that, while I feel that I do positively contribute to society, I feel that I should be doing so much more. I believe that I haven’t done all that I can do.

What “more” means and what it will entail, is something that I believe will slowly unfold as I start to scratch below the surface and start the journey.

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