Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Runners

There are still a few days left until the fury that accompanies the mad dash of present opening. The baited anticipation upon waking up and making the anaerobic dash to the tree and wasteful motion scrambling to find the best way to open up the taped, shiny goods is very similar to a 5k. For me, some of my favorite goodies in the mad hare scramble are found in the stocking. The following ideas are some of my favorite things and can easily fit within that stocking if you are still looking for a few hidden treasures for your runner.

Injinji Socks

I began running in these socks 3 years ago as I transitioned into ultras. Several pairs and models of socks later, these are my go to socks for long runs and races. The first few times you slip your toes into their own individual sleeves might seem odd, but soon enough I think you can appreciate the comfort and the fact that your toes are not rubbing up against each other. Since I began using them, I have not had a blister on a long run or race. Bonus: they come in several fun and funky colors.

IPod Shuffle

I know that most runners who listen to music and or podcasts carry their Smartphone with them. However, I don’t like to carry a lot with me on a run and seeing as how the shuffle clips to your waistband or back, it weighs next to nothing. Furthermore, I load up the shuffle with music and or podcast for the run and go. No need to stop and find what I want to listen to with my smartphone as I just click a button on the way or worry about getting it wet. It was gone through the washer and still keeps playing. If your going long, the current version has been upgraded to 2GB which is large enough to hold several hours of audio enjoyment.

Road ID

No runner should take the road nowadays without some form of identification. I am quite forgetful in nature, so the idea of taking my driver's license doesn’t work. After I strap on the GPS, the next thing is always my Road ID. I use either the Ankle ID or Write Elite ID due to my daily shoe rotation and know that it there. Besides the fact, it gives my wife peace of mind when I am out there out on the road.

Happy Holidays!

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