Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's about cliques...

This whole social media thing is like navigating the social waters of high school all over again. Upon confirmation of your screen name and uploading of your avatar, you are all set to go. Go where? How do you make connections with people? Do you stay true to yourself or do you create some new online persona that you wish you could have been?

Even on places like Twitter there are "cliques". Interests, beliefs, and thoughts, once posted to begin to circulate and as a result of that,  you begin to have some interaction with others who post things that are of interest to you. Slowly but surely, like cliques that were formed in high school or even before, you start to surround yourself and interact with people who share some of the same things that you do.
 For instance, there is a group called the EARS (Early AM Runners) that I communicate with on Twitter in the morning. These are people who are up early and getting there endorphin fix on before the sun is up. I have come to rely on them in the morning if I am dragging ass in the am and am lacking motivation. That is what a clique can do. A clique can create rules and boundaries that you must adhere to or face being kicked out.

The downsides to cliques is that they can be petty, exclusionary, and just downright bitchy. However, it most instances I believe in on Twitter and on even on Daily Mile that you will find an overly supportive clique. A clique that only has one requirement. That requirement is that you get out there and get move.

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