Friday, August 03, 2007

Paint Creek

The Paint Creek Trail is a converted rail to trail that is approximately 17.5 miles in length. Thankfully, I ran a "fat ass" race a couple of years ago that diverted off the trail and turned the otherwise pancake road into a hilly fun run. So today, I rambled out there and left from the Rochester Municipal Park. Heading north on the PCT until it crosses Dutton Road (go left), I made my way up the gently rolling hill to Brewster Road (right) to Silverbell Road (right) and back on to the PCT (left) until just passing the Gunn Rd. overpass you find a couple of old pieces of farm equipment at which point you turn around and head home. In the end the trip distance is a little over 15 miles and at least 4 good hills :)

I also received my confirmation for the North Country Trail 50 miler today, so i guess there is no backing out now!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice trail choice, I used to take my bike on there with a few of my friends.

-Sleeping Bear