Wednesday, August 22, 2007

B 4 all the B.S.

As I began the slow transition(1/2 last week, 1 day this week) back to being a pro ass, Dirrty Girl took little dirt dawg to his school for a little play date and meet his new teacher for the 3 year old room.

Still carrying a torch for his teacher from last year, little dirt dawg hugged and held his teacher from last year for 10 minutes while she chatted with new and old students and parents. Soon enough though, L.D.D. got into play mode and ran!

@ home, Dirrty Girl and I discussed his play when she dropped a most noteable observation "You know, there were some girls who were running around and then would fall down and he just went and joined in. He thinks that anyone who he plays with is his friend. His whole world is open to him with innocence. There are no cliques, no B.S."

On my early morning run with the dog, I began to think"When does it change for a child? When do we lose the innocence of play and can we ever get it back?"

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Timothy Finkelstein said...

Serious one! I'm pretty sure the innocence is lost whenever the thought of greed and value kick in...that is when the ego takes over and we go into "defense" mode.