Thursday, August 16, 2007

Paci Fairy

Nub, nook, binky, plug, or paci. Before little dirt dawg was born, we as newbie parents were like "no way, no paci's!" That lasted as long as the first few hours @ home and he began wailing. Insert paci @ it was like a sweet elixir...good night.

Since that day, it has been the go to for little dirt dawg @ night or in times of distress. We have been talking about giving them up when I mentioned that maybe i should just cut the paci out and then there would be nothing. Dirrty Girl said "Nice, so when he finds them like that he knows who to blame."
So instead she tells little dirt dawg if he had ever heard of the Paci Fairy.

The Paci Fairy, little dirt dawg wondered? Dirtty Girl explained that the Paci Fairy came and took BIG BOYS paci's and took them to little kids who did not have them. You put them in a bag on the front porch and the Paci Fairy takes them and leaves you a great big prize! Little Dirt Dawg excitedly babbled on about the BIG CRANKY the CRANE (Thomas and Friends) that he wanted if he gave his paci's away and that he was ready tonight! Dirrty Girl is looking at me like I had better run to the store @ 10 pm and find Cranky! She thought better and told little dirt dawg that the Paci Fairy did not work on Wednesday and would come tomorrow night and that we had to make a bag first.

So little dirt dawg boldly slept w/o his sweet elixir's last night and this morning got up ready to make his bag. Tonight is the night. Paci Fairy is on speed dial & I had better run and find CRANKY!


Timothy Finkelstein said...

let me know if you need some covert help with that.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap she's a genius!! Maybe we can get that ploy to work with'll be bye-bye bun!