Friday, August 17, 2007

Runnin with T.T.

Twinkle Toes, the 2006-2007 Fun Run Series Winner, has decided to go "Diddy Style" and prepare for the upcoming Detroit Free Press Marathon in a matter of just 11 weeks. However, unlike Sean John who is better suited to Making the Band and sipping Cristal, T.T. is no slouch or slug when it comes to the world of endurance. T.T. is a formidable 2 wheeled, skinny tire riding, spandex wearing roadie who's huge engine should propel him to a finish albeit with a few different tweaks and discomfort then he is used to on that heinous two wheeled asphalt gobbler.

As his unofficial "coach", his long run today called for 10 miles and i said i would join him. We decided to meet up @ Stoney Creek @ 8 am after i had completed a little over 10 miles and then do an out and back loop for his 10.

A cool morning and multiple deer sightings had me cruising along and stoked to pick up someone to run the last 10 with. Admitting earlier in the week, that he felt like "that guy" as he picked up some apparel at the bulls-eye store as he began his venture into endurance running, T.T. also learned an important lesson today that he does not like the Ultimate Direction Access Hydration Pack and was eyeing and coveting my Ultimate Direction FastDraw Plus. Fueled by the good conversation and the stark admittance that T.T. did not want to come out openly to his skinny/fat tire friends that he was attempting this "marathon" thing for fear of heckling and needling from the pack, we cruised through 10 miles in just over 1 hr 24 min.

A hearty run by a newbie but not nearly as entertaining as his gf who we saw on the circular bike path at 3 miles and then again at 9 miles who said she "got lost".

So here is to T.T. and his noble pursuit of losing his virginity at the Detroit Free Press Marathon on October 21, 2007!!

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