Monday, August 20, 2007

Is a wet dirt dawg a dumb dawg?

I asked myself this question as I am standing @ Woodward and 11 Mile road awaiting the light to change and my clothes sticking to me in the most uncomfortable way as the rain pelts me and the wind is blowing like it is late October and not the end of August.

An hour earlier I had been sitting in my dry basement eyeballing the treadmill and looking at the weather radar on my computer screen. There appeared to a break in the deluge that has covered SE michigan for the better part of two days and I was gonna make a break for it. I did not want to concede to the treadmill just yet that the weather was to inclemement.

Lacing up quickly, I headed out the door and besides a few sprinkles and a cool breeze it wasn't bad. It was ike Mother Nature was laying a trap. Sure enough about a mile in, the rain starts falling a little harder and the wind swirls a little more. At that point you have to decide: (1) Turn around and go home, change clothes and get on treadmill to finish mileage (2) Solider on knowing you keep this run in mind when another inclement day comes up and tests your worth.

I choose # 2. Not sure it was the smartest thing to do, but then again running 50 miles in couple of weeks isn't either! :)

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Fritz said...

Ya never know what conditions your going to be racing in; hitting the treadmill when the the weather looks bad can leave you ill prepared.

example: If I had more experience biking in the rain, perhaps I wouldn't have been as worried hitting the turns (or the brakes) when I did my tri this weekend.

my $0.02...