Monday, December 31, 2007




MILES: 1961.77

TIME: 326 hr 45 min


Nemo: 435 miles

Little Dirt Dawg: 42 miles (baby jogger)

Dirrty Feather: 100 miles (baby jogger)


1. Finished 50 miler in 8 hr 39 min

2. Lowered marathon PR by 14 min to 3 hr 33 min

3. Little Dirt Dawg ran his first big race!

4. Dirrty Feather joined Team Dirt

5. Team Dirt competed in a couple of events as a family

6. The wildly successful Fun Run Series with me as crack race director and participant entered its second year.

As I take some time to sit back and look at all that has happened this year, I was more than happy with all that transpired. My running took off to new heights and I firmly believed it is because as having two small kids you have to be smart with your time and training. Please note that b.k. (before kids) i was a master putzer and could wittle the day away without doing anything. That is why runs now occur @ 4:45 am and family runs replace after school jaunts, sans the FUN RUN series!

In 2008 my goals are simple:

1. Run as much as possible with my family for both fun and @ races.

2. Help Dirrty Girl do another 1/2 marathon

3. D.D.M.C. --- Details Forthcoming :)

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