Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Who would have thought

That a quiet evening could be considered going to Wally Mart? Yup, that's right, peace and tranquility along every third person wearing a Steelers jersey, the where were you in 82 hairdo and Dirrty Girl stating, " I love going here because @ am the smallest lady by like 25 lbs!" can all be had after loading up the fam and heading to C. Lake, Pa for a couple of days of family drama.

On our way over to WM, Dirrty Girl said all she wanted to do was run, run away that is! First rule of thumb I told her was that I always pack my running gear before I ever pack the rest of my clothes to ensure that if nothing else my daily dose of therapy is available.

Here is to a few days of family drama and a few good days of running to hopefully balance it out.

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