Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Knee Warmers

After this morning's run which was relatively slow and slippery, I set out for work with a list of errands to do before picking up Little Dirt Dawg for his big PK3 Holiday Concert which included dropping off movies (Two big thumbs up for Superbad and a big disappointment for Ocean's 13). However, as I started on these errands, I thought if I waited until the family was down, then I could run uptown, drop the movies off, take in some holiday lights, and get a few extra miles in. Is it a bad thing to map out errands to run so that you can get extra miles in? I certainly think not!
With the kids down, Dirrty Girl said since you are going to be out, why not stop @ the post office and take Twinkle Toes over some extra food for lunch tomorrow. Love it that Dirrty Girl excepts the wierdness of running and with goofy socks.
Seeing as I was going out on the town to check out some lights, I found it only fitting to don my holiday socks with fringe. Man are those things warm. By the end of my mini excursion which lasted 4.32 miles my knees were sweating!

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