Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Light accumulation may...

Result in some slick spots. So was the message that greeted me on my computer this morning as I consulted the weather before beginning the delicate and arduous task of layering for my morning ramble.

With a light coating awaiting me, out went the plans for a 5 mile tempo run and a newly remixed shuffle playlist and in was 1 border collie ready to blaze a fresh trail through untouched white powder.

Two things I am always guaranteed when snow accumulates:

1. At some point during a run I will have to stop and unpack the snow that has accumulated inside the paws of my dog rendering him to skipping along
2. No matter how much extra precaution I take (slowing down, wearing my highly reflective running jacket) due to the weather, drivers are still notoriously stupid and slide through intersection or roll through stops and then offer you the fakest wave as an excuse as if to say " I really did mean to stop"

As I sit here writing this during work, a staff member asked me if I ran in this weather this morning and doesn't it make your lungs freeze?

Secretly I just chuckled knowing that winter running is one of the prettiest times of the long as you are prepared.

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