Friday, December 14, 2007

Spreading the Cheer

After being out of the office for a conference , and another in which I got to play Mr. Mom, I came in today to find that Christmas had thrown up in my office. It all started innocently enough on a collaboration with one of my students on the DC Tree and had spawned into the tackiest display of Christmas outside of a convienance store trying to get you into the spirit. Staff originally shot down the idea of putting up any decorations around the school and had cancelled the luncheon, but with the DC Tree it hadsome how ignited holidaycheer and apparently many including my boss had gotten into the idea of turning my office into a Winter Wonderland. No one would speak to any direct involvement, but the rumor was that cash was dispensed and orders given to head to the dollar store and find the tackiest xmas items available.

Now the DC tree had some company including 3 large paper christmas trees with ornaments poked through the paper that students have now started to autograph, my dry erase board adorned with garland, a string of multi colored lights around my desk,and the beloved turkey with a new hairdo.

Tacky as it might seem. I LOVE IT!!

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