Thursday, December 20, 2007

2nd Annual Snowman Shuffle

With the holiday break just one more day away, it was time for the weekly fun run to commence but not without some holiday spirit. To celebrate, the 2nd annual snowman shuffle was on tap and with an added bonus. Last year, participants were encouraged to dress up in holiday adornment for extra points, but this year I came up with what I thought was a good idea.

Putting my non artistic talents to work, I created t-shirts that were available to participants. Instead of asking for any reimbursement, I asked them to donate $ to a staff member who was helping with a local Coats for Kids drive.

The shirts flew out of my hands and $ was raised. Twinkle "Santa" Toes even went so boldly as to don a full Santa suit which he ran the entire 3.30 mile course in. When asked why not skip the hat or even beard and boots when it came time for the run, he said "I fully accepted the commitment and responsibility of the suit when I donned it."

Heading into the break, 11 participants have participated in 16 weekly fun runs culminating in over 300 miles this school year alone. Two participants, J-No and Chai Tea Latte have participated in all 16! And to think this all started from just trying to squeeze some extra miles in after work.

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SMH said...

That's pretty cool.

It would have been even better if Tim ate as much Fettucini Alfredo as he could stomach without drinking any water..."For the Cure!"