Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dripping Rock Trail

With the kids safely deposited @ gparents for approx 30 hrs, Dirrty Girl and I headed down to Cbus to hangout with Missile and Lightning.

Located just outside Cbus, the Dripping Rock Trail is a 2.5 mile wide open loop part of the Highbanks Metropark (free entry!) system. You are either going up or down and Lightning and I make quick work of 2 loops as we discussed marathon training plans for either Flying Pig or Cleveland next year. If Lightning gets it in gear, and trains for either, hopefully I can join him in his pursuit of marathon glory and it can be a stop on an idea I have been toying with for 08.

Details to follow......

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Brian Thomas said...

Hey, I have my schedule cleared for the Hell Fat Ass so I'm there. I'm pasting the information below if you are interested in running part or all of the run.

On a side note, the latest issue of Ultrarunning Magazine has all the race results from the North Country Trail Run. I'd be glad to make a copy for you if you don't have a subscription. Send me an email if you are interested (brian at thomaswallace dot org).

13th Annual Fat Ass 50

EVENT: a 50 km or 50 mile trail run or whatever you want to run!

LOCATION: Potawatomi Trail at the Pinckney Recreation Area starting at the trailhead at Silver Lake Beach on the outskirts of Hell, Michigan.

DATE: Saturday, December 29th, 2007

TIME: 0900 (that’s 9:00 am)


COURSE: 50 km – 1 loop (18 miles) of the Poto and 1 loop (13 miles) taking the shortcut. 50 miles – 2 loops of the Poto with 1 loop of the shortcut.

INFO: call Tim at 734 255 3594

RELAY OPTIONS: five person relay and the leapfrog (2 runners) relay – exchanges at your discretion (wherever you can get the car to).

REASON: to run your buns off and get rid of some of those holiday treats (or to make room for more).

CHARITY: the John Rogucki Memorial Fund, if you care to donate.

WEATHER: the run will be held even if the weather’s nice!